Welcome to Posio

Welcome to Posio!

Posio is an entrepreneurial municipality known for its natural peacefulness, as well as being home to enterprising people who are proud to be from Posio.

Our aim is to work with you to promote a proactive, constructive, growth-oriented and positive culture.

This site provides basic information if you are considering a longer stay with us.

Welcome to Posio

Making dreams come true – new residents’ stories

Find stories of people who have moved to the area and information about employment possibilities on different fields and industries.

Maybe you too will fall in love with the Finnish attitude and lifestyle.


Read new residents’ stories


Community and Co-working space Tarmo

Tarmo is an open living room and coworking space for local residents. Come and work remotely from the beautiful landscapes of Lapland!


In addition to remote working, Tarmo can host small-scale events and entrepreneurs can run a pop-up café or hold customer meetings, for example. 


Community and Co-working space Tarmo



Become an Entrepreneur in Posio

Posio’s Economic Development Services will assist you in all matters related to entrepreneurship.  




Find Your Rhythm

Find your rhythm. Posio Lapland is a site devoted to travel and tourism in Posio. Discover your personal pace in travel and experience in Lapland’s hidden gem – Posio, the first Finnish destination to earn the Sustainable Travel Finland label. Welcome!