Ilmakuva Posion keskustasta talvella Ilmakuva Posion keskustasta talvella


Are you considering moving to Posio? On this page you will find information on housing to rent from both private landlords and a subsidiary of the Municipality of Posio.

Good to know when renting 

  • You will need to arrange an electricity contract with an energy company. Usually the tenant pays the electricity bill themselves. The electricity tariff consists of a transmission charge and an energy charge. Electricity transmission is provided by Caruna Oy. The energy charge is paid to the electricity company with which you have a contract to buy energy from. 
  • Submit a notification of change of address. A notification of change of address should be submitted to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency before your move. On Posti’s website you can submit a notification of change of address to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency and to Posti. 

Private landlords in Posio

  • Apartments owned by Posion Osuuspankki cooperative bank in the centre of Posio. 
  • Ilkka Säkkinen,, 0400 292 181. 
  • Pentti Marjalahti, 050 3770 430. 
  • You can also enquire about rental apartments on the Posion uusi kansalaisfoorumi (‘Posio new residents’ forum’) Facebook group. 

Posion Taika-Asunnot Oy, a subsidiary of the Municipality of Posio, has more than 100 rental apartments.  

To enquire about available apartments, please call 040 1833 909 or email

Find out more about Taika-Asunnot on the Finnish version of this page. 

You can buy or rent plots from the Municipality of Posio for housing, holiday housing and business needs. Plots for detached houses are located in the central area of Posio and on the islet of Jakkarasaari, where the plots are located on a lake shore. Plots for holiday homes are located in the Kirintövaara area. Industrial plots are located in the Kotilampi area. 

You can enquire about available plots by contacting the Municipality of Posio’s director of economic development.