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Ruskasta nauttimista Korouomassa

Grow in a peaceful environment in Posio 

Located in Southern Lapland, between Kuusamo and Rovaniemi, Posio, with a population of 3,100, is ideal for nature lovers looking for a leisurely pace of life. Posio is known for the Pentik ceramics factory and factory outlet, Riisitunturi National Park, Korouoma gorge valley and the long sandy beaches of Livojärvi lake. The surrounding nature offers inspiration to develop as an artist and plenty of business opportunities in tourism, services and primary production. There are plenty of places to enjoy sports and exercise pursuits and Posio offers children a safe environment to grow up in. 

Local residents want to protect their environment, which is reflected in acts such as promotion of responsible tourism. We are the first sustainable tourism area in Finland and have joined the HINKU Towards Carbon-Neutral Municipalities network. 

A hassle-free move to Posio 

Let us help you make your move to Posio a hassle-free experience. We’ll answer your questions, tell you about the local outlook and the perfect opportunities for you. We can chat in person, by email, on Teams or by phone! 

Contact us: Director of Communications & Marketing Riikka Tuomivaara,, 040 8012 227. 

Welcome pack and new arrival events

Every new resident of Posio will receive a welcome pack within six months of moving here permanently. The pack includes a one-month gym pass, a voucher for course at the Adult Education Centre, a tourist map, a textile product and a Posio-Finnish dictionary. 

Notify us of your move using the form and we will send you more information about picking up your welcome pack and new arrival events.

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Wild working in Posio? 

Yes, you read that right. In Posio, we take remote working to the next level with working in the heart of the wildness! 

You can also work in the community and coworking space Tarmo, located in the centre of Posio, surrounded by nature but close to all the services you need.


Find out more about Tarmo 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • The hassle-free move service 
  • Welcome pack 
  • New arrival events 
  • Ski slope season ticket for schoolchildren 

In Posio, mosquitoes are most abundant from midsummer (late June) to the end of July. Locals have learned to live with them by protecting themselves well and buying various types of mosquito repellent. It takes some getting used to, but there are plenty of solutions available! 

Posio is a small place, so most people know each other, or at least know of each other. Newcomers are warmly welcomed and Posio is known for its hospitality – there is always someone to give you a hand when you need it. For example, if you get your car stuck in a snowbank, there is bound to be someone in the village with a tractor who can rescue you. On the other hand, the people of Posio are also a private and somewhat quiet bunch, so developing deeper friendships can feel tricky at first. We encourage you to get involved in community activities and Adult Education Centre courses, where you can become a natural part of local life. 

If you can’t find jobs for both of you in Posio right away, we recommend you check out vacancies in Kuusamo and Taivalkoski. They are less than an hour’s drive from Posio, so a variety of remote working and part-time arrangements could be a good option. Does your spouse have a skill they could teach others? Teaching at Posio Adult Education Centre provides a good extra income and becoming a teacher is relatively easy. You can also create your own job – contact the Posio Business Office and make your business idea a reality! 

Yes! The Municipality of Posio is involved in the Finnish Model for Leisure Activities, and we also have an active 4H association and the Posio association of the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, which all organise a wide range of hobby activities. 

Posio Adult Education Centre offers more than a hundred courses. The sports campus has a new gym, exercise stairs, a disc golf course and an ice rink with open-access skating sessions, or you could join a hockey team or one of the other local sports teams. In summer, Posion Pyrintö organises evening orienteering races and many other sports-related activities. There is also a steady stream of cultural events, such as theatre performances and concerts, taking place in Posio. If you can’t find a hobby you like in Posio, it’s only 45 minutes to Kuusamo, so you can also go there to enjoy swimming and other activities. 

In a normal year, there is plenty of snow in Posio from the beginning of November until the end of April. The cross-country ski tracks usually open in November, and you can still enjoy the best snow of the season in April. Posio has more than 70 kilometres of tracks and there is also a small and peaceful downhill ski centre in Kirintövaara, which is particularly well suited to children and beginners. 

You can find more information about moving to Finland on Finnish immigration service website: moving to Finland