Basic Education

Children and young people of compulsory education age receive basic education in accordance with the curriculum at Posio Comprehensive School. 

In Posio, children and young people receive their basic education at Posio Comprehensive School. The School covers grades 1–9 and is intended for children aged 7–16 years. 

The data of children in pre-primary education in Posio are transferred to basic education after pre-primary education. Children and young people of compulsory education age moving to Posio must be enrolled at Posio Comprehensive School by contacting the principal or the school office. 

Every child permanently resident in Finland is obliged to attend compulsory education by law. Basic education is free of charge. In addition to teaching, textbooks, learning materials and equipment are free of charge. Pupils are entitled to a free, full meal every school day and, under certain conditions, free school transport. Pupils are also entitled to free welfare services. Pupils with special needs are also entitled to free access to the assistive equipment and interpretation and assistance services they need.  

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