There is currently no separate collection of household biowaste in Posio. The preferred processing method for bio-waste is composting on the property. 

Please make sure that your composter complies with the waste management regulations: 

  • The composter should be of solid construction and well ventilated, and protected from pests. An improperly constructed and unmaintained composter can cause rodent and odour problems, for example. 
  • The composter may not be placed within fifteen (15) metres of a well or water area, or within four (4) metres of a neighbour’s boundary without the consent of the neighbour. 
  • Waste that is not compostable or that interferes with composting or the use of the final product must not be placed in the compost. Compost becomes a final product (soil) once individual bio-waste elements can no longer be detected. 

The waste management authority may carry out composting inspections on a property if necessary. 

Viimeksi muokattu 9.8.2023