Recycling Station

Opening hours of the Posio Recycling Station: see the Finnish pages 

Address: Kuusamontie 24, 97900 Posio  

Waste types that can be disposed of at the Recycling Station for free: 

Hazardous household waste: 

  • waste oil 
  • fluorescent tubes 
  • batteries 
  • paints, acids, solvents, etc. 
  • freezers, refrigerators, televisions, etc. 
  • pressure-treated wood 
  • medical waste (dispose of at a pharmacy where possible) 
  • scrap metal 
  • recyclable furniture and appliances in good condition (Recycling Centre). 

Waste types that can be disposed of at the Recycling Station for a fee: 

  • combustible waste 
  • septic tank sludge 
  • biowaste 
  • garden waste 
  • soil 
  • clean recyclable/combustible timber 
  • clean bricks/concrete 
  • animal tissue waste 
  • landfill waste to be disposed of in small quantities. 

The Recycling Station does not accept car tyres or asbestos waste. 

In addition to the Recycling Station, there are separate collection containers for small metal and glass items at the town square, behind K-market, at Kuloharju shop, and next to the Molok deep waste collection container at the Karkujärvi junction on Maaninkavaarantie. 

There are leaf collection points at the town square and behind the K-market. 

Behind the K-market there is a collection point for recycling of plastic packaging and cardboard (collection and compression machine). 

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