Decision making

The Municipal Executive Board has seven members. The rapporteur is the Chief Executive Pekka Jääskö and the minutes are kept by Director of Administration Eija Ahola. Composition of the Municipal Executive Board: see the Finnish pages

There are 17 councillors on the Municipal Council. Political distribution: Centre Party 12, Group 2008 2, Finns Party 2 and Social Democratic Party 1. Composition of the Municipal Council: see the Finnish pages. 

The Municipality of Posio has a Welfare Committee, Central Election Committee, Audit Committee, Urban Infrastructure Committee and Authority Committee.
Contact details for the committees can be found on the Finnish version of this page. 

Municipality of Posio Registry 

The Municipality’s Registry can assist you with information and search services related to documents and case management. 

Phone numbers 

Telephone: +358 408012203 

Fees: Free of charge