Morning and Afternoon Care for Preschool children

Posio Comprehensive School provides early childhood education to supplement pre-primary education on all school days. 

Activities include arts and crafts, play, sports, outdoor activities, hands-on skills and child-led activities. A snack is provided for the children during the activities.  

Each year, parents can apply for a place for their child in morning and afternoon activities. If a need for morning and/or afternoon care arises during the year, please apply at least four months before you would like your child to start at day care. In urgent cases due to work or studies, the application must be submitted at least two weeks before the child needs a morning and/or afternoon care place.  

This service is free of charge. 

Morning and afternoon care is intended for pre-school children.  

  • Posio Day Care Centre (Aholantie 6)
    The day care office is located at Posio Day Care Centre. 
  • Posio School Centre (Koulutie 2)
    Posio Comprehensive School and Upper Secondary School are located in the same premises in the centre of Posio. The School Centre also provides pre-primary education. 

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