Shift Day Care

A child may be entitled to shift day care for reasons related to the parents’ or guardians’ work or studies. Care times and dates should be informed in advance in Daisy Family. 

If you work or study in the evenings, at night and/or at weekends, your child may be eligible for a shift day care place. 

If you need an early childhood education and care place during the year, please apply at least four months before you would like your child to start at day care. In urgent cases due to work or studies, applications must be submitted at least two weeks before the child needs an early childhood education and care place.  

This service is free of charge. 

If parents or guardians work shifts or have classes in the evenings, they can apply for an early childhood education place for their child in shift day care. 

Posio Day Care Centre (Aholantie 6)

The day care office is located in Posio Day Care Centre, and here you can manage various matters related to early childhood education and care.  

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