Support For School Attendance

The role of pupil welfare is to look after the well-being of pupils, both collectively and individually. 

Mediation is a solution-focused method that provides an alternative and voluntary way of resolving conflicts between pupils in everyday school life. The method aims to reduce disruptions at schools by working to improve pupils’ interaction skills. 

Each month, the plan sets out a set of objectives and guidelines for the implementation of pupil welfare, cooperation with the home, cooperation with various operators, and support for learning and and school attendance. 

The topics covered in guidance counselling include study skills and school attendance, self awareness, further study opportunities, careers and working life. 

In basic education, pupils have the right to adequate support with learning and school attendance. 

The purpose of school health services is to monitor pupils’ growth and development and promote their health and well-being. 

The social worker’s job includes individual and community-based pupil welfare support. You can discuss challenges related to school or life with a school social worker.