Virtu Service Point

The Virtu service point is located in the meeting room of Posio Library and is an easy-to-use and free-of-charge digital service that helps local residents to carry out various administrative tasks. 

At the Virtu service point, you can use videophone services and internet services; print, copy and scan documents; and pay invoices using a barcode scanner. You can also read emails, submit online applications or contact an expert remotely, to give just a few examples. The Virtu point is located in a separate meeting room at Posio Library. It is available without an appointment if the space is not being used by anyone else, or you can reserve it for your own use. The space can also be reserved for groups, for meetings or other events. In the Virtu room, you can digitise old photos, VHS tapes and cassette tapes.  

If you wish, you can book the Virtu service point via the online booking calendar. You can also make a booking by calling Posio Library. You can use the Virtu service point during library opening hours. During self-service hours, you can access the library with a library card and the assigned pin code. If you wish to digitise old photos or photographic slides, VHS tapes or cassette tapes, please contact the library. The staff will advise you on how to use the equipment.  

This service is free of charge. 

There is a fee for printing and making photocopies. 

The Virtu service point is open to all residents. To use the library during the self-service hours, you will need a library card with a pin code. 

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