Posio High School

Posio High School combines the beautiful nature of Lapland, art, sports and community. You're sure to enjoy yourself here!  


  • Smallish study groups, flexible and individual teaching
  • Good national final exam results, qualified teachers
  • Free printed study books and a free laptop for every student (lisäsin tuohon tuon ilmaisuuden, onko ok?)
  • Cozy environment, good facilities for different hobbies
  • Dormitory and its manager at the school campus
  • International students, international projects, field trips, cooperation with Finnish universities
  • Entrepreneurship studies, cooperation with local enterprises

Shape your future

At Posio High School you can study with a focus on ceramics. You can choose to focus your studies on any of a wide range of forms of fine arts or ceramics and, if you wish, complete a general upper secondary education diploma in fine arts at the end of your studies. 

The School has excellent facilities and equipment for working with ceramics. During your studies, you will get to try out a variety of different working methods and techniques. You can draw stimulation and inspiration from both the natural world of Posio and the ceramic arts and industry of the surrounding area. 

Let’s get moving 

At Posio High School, you can also focus your studies on physical education. You can choose from a wide range of forms of physical activity and sport in your studies and, if you wish, complete a general upper secondary education diploma in physical education at the end of your studies.

Physical education studies are suitable for both competitive athletes and goal-oriented fitness enthusiasts. There are a range of sports facilities – a sports hall, sports field, ice rink, gym, ski and running tracks – in the immediate vicinity of the School. 

Posio Comprehensive School and High School are involved in the Eco-Schools programme (‘Vihreä lippu’). 

Eco-Schools is a sustainable development programme that steers those involved towards long-term, effective and inspiring action. The programme implements different aspects of sustainable development. 

In Posio, for example, the recycling of school waste has been developed, food waste amounts have been monitored, and the school’s own Eco-Schools policy has been considered. 


In spring 2023, an Erasmus+ project coordinated by Posio High School was launched. Our partners are the upper secondary schools Colgiul Dobrogean Spiru Haret in Romania and Manavgat Borsa İstanbul Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi in Turkey. 

The project aims to digitise local history and traditions through student research and work. These digital recordings will be used to bring the history and traditions of our own and partner countries to all schools involved in the project in the project area. Students also have the opportunity to use their language and digital skills and broaden their knowledge of Europe.