School Transport

Every pupil who is legally entitled to free school transport is provided with transport paid for by the Municipality of Posio. 

There is no need to apply separately for school transport for pupils in grades 0–9 at Posio Comprehensive School. Students at the Upper Secondary School should ask the school or the transport planner about the possibility of using the school transport service. Special school transport is granted on the basis of an expert statement for a maximum of one school year at a time. 

This service is free of charge. 

The Municipality of Posio arranges transport if the distance to school for a pre-school pupil or a pupil in grades 1–3 is more than three kilometres or if the distance to school for a pupil in grades 4–9 is more than five kilometres. Pupils may also be required to make some of the journey to school by themselves for journeys of more than five kilometres. School transport is also provided if the journey to school would be too difficult, burdensome or dangerous for the pupil, taking into account their age or other circumstances. Students studying at Posio Upper Secondary School can use school transport, provided that the route can be used without special arrangements. The distance to school must be more than five kilometres. 

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