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Sports Facilities

In Posio, sports facilities are maintained all year round. The wide range of sports facilities caters for both local residents and tourists.

In Posio, sports facilities are maintained all year round. The wide range of sports facilities caters for both local residents and tourists. 

Posio’s new gym, Taikasali, which opened in June 2020, caters for anyone interested in muscle fitness and strength training. 

The gym is located next to the ice rink at Posio Sports Campus, at Koulutie 2 E. 

You can buy a gym card (Posio card) for the gym here and pick it up at the information desk in the Municipal Office.

– For general access, choose the first option in the upper left corner (normaalihinta).
– If you are entitled to discount (a student, unemployed or retired) choose alennusryhmä1.
– If you are retired and plan to use the gym at other times than 7-15, choose alennusryhmä 2.
Entitlement to any discount must be verifiable while in the gym.  

Posio Taikasali gym is not intended as a playground for children while you are working out. Children under 12 years of age are not allowed in the gym without adult supervision. Under 16s may only use the gym with the consent of a coach or guardian. 

Posio has two disc golf (also known as frisbee golf) courses, one of which opened in summer 2022. The new disc golf course is located in Korkeamaa, near Posio School Centre and the ice rink, at Koulutie 2. The Korkeamaa disc golf course has 12 fairways. 

The second course, the Kirintövaara disc golf course, is located at the foot of the Kirikeskus ski slopes. The course has nine fairways and runs along the forested slope of Kirintövaara. 

Both courses are free to visit for training or to try out the sport.  

Map of Korkeamaa disc golf course Map of Kirintövaara disc golf course  

The Posio exercise stairs are located behind the gym at Koulutie 2. The exercise stairs comprise 119 steps. 

Posio’s tracks serve as sawdust tracks for walking and running in the summer. From the city centre you will find the three-kilometre Kotivaara route, which leads to the seven-kilometre route to Kirintövaara. The five-kilometre route around the hill in Kirintövaari offers challenges and elevation differences. From Kirintövaara, you can also continue along the paths to Karitunturi and all the way to Riisitunturi. You can see the tracks on the Posio track map (in Finnish). The Turjanvaara track is not available for use in the summer. 

Posio has a varied network of cross-country ski tracks spanning around 70 kilometres in total, with something for everyone, from beginners to competitive skiers. The maintenance map makes it quick and easy to get an idea of the current condition of the tracks.  

Details of the ski tracks of Posio (in Finnish) Real-time maintenance of ski tracks (in Finnish)  

Eteläisessä One of the best sports fields in Lapland is located in the centre of Posio. There are six tracks around the grass field. 

Come and enjoy the sauna and a dip in the ice hole on Wednesdays in Kirintövaara, at Kirikeskus Wilderness Hotel’s beach sauna. The sauna and ice hole are open during the winter season. Address: Kiririnteentie 1. 

The fee must be paid at the Hotel’s reception desk before your session. 

Please note! The sauna is shared by all, so please wear a swimsuit. The changing room and shower facilities are also shared, but there are two toilets where you can change clothes if you wish. 

The swimming area is managed jointly by the Municipality of Posio, Posio Pyrintö and Kirikeskus Wilderness Hotel. 

The Sini-areena ice rink is open from autumn to spring.  

The ice rink is located on the sports campus at Koulutie 2 D. 

A tennis court is located by the School Centre and is free to use during the summer. 

The skate park, designed and built by multi-time snowboarding world champion Roope Tonteri, is located next to the sports field. The skateboard ramp mural was created by artist Paula Suominen and designed in collaboration with the pupils of Posio Comprehensive School.  

The sports hall in the School Centre is open to organisations, associations, the Adult Education Centre and individuals in the evenings and at weekends. There is also a climbing wall in the hall. 

The address of the School Centre is Koulutie 2, 97900 Posio. 

Pyrintö Leisure Centre has an air pistol range and a sports hall. The Leisure Centre is located in the town centre at Posiontie 24. 

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