Live and work in Lapland – Posio Artist Village

How would it sound like to have all the peace and quiet in the world, to breathe clean air and gaze into the endless horizon of vast Lapland wilderness? To get inspired by the nature and other artists who live in our small community?

Now it’s possible to get your own peace of Lapland in Posio Artist Village. It’s located in Kirintövaara, a nice hill with beautiful views to lake Kitkajärvi and Kirintöjärvi. The services of Wilderness Hotel Kirikeskus, which is located right next to Kirintövaara, include the Arctic Ceramic Center and a high-end restaurant Kisura. The Arctic Ceramic Center offers work spaces for 10 artists at a time and many kinds kilns from electric to gas – and even a big wood kiln.

Take a video tour of the Arctic Ceramic Center and Kirintövaara area:

One lot at the top of Kirintövaara hill costs 25 000 euros and building your house will cost around 250 000 euros. The Posio municipality is here to help you with the immigration process and everything you need!

In these videos you can learn more about Posio and see the plans we have made for the Posio Artist Village houses.

If you are interested, please contact Business Developer Veli-Matti Ruotsalainen, veli-matti.ruotsalainen@posio.fi, + 358 40 8012 205.

Pentik’s ceramics factory is the northernmost in the world. It is situated near the Arctic Circle in Posio, Finland. Their four designers, Anu Pentik, Minna Niskakangas, Lasse Kovanen and Liina Harju, create timeless and durable ceramics for the changing seasonal collections and Pentik’s main product range. They are specialized in stencil decoration and painting studio ceramics with their own art glazing. The ceramicware are decorated by hand.

Take a video tour at their factory:

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